“I am the UFC!” Chimaev made friends with Dana, but fell out with a bunch of fighters

By | 16.09.2020
September 19 Khamzat Chimaev will hold his third fight in the main promotion of the world. The rival of the Chechen-Swedish fighter at UFC Fight Night 178 will be Gerald Mörschert , an experienced 32-year-old athlete who has fought with varying success in recent years. The undisputed favorite is Chimaev, who started his career in the organization with two brilliant victories. However, Mörschert is very unhappy that he is being written off long before the fight. Even the UFC president does not believe in him: Chimaev has already received a contract from Dana White for the next fight with Demian Maya, which is a rare exception.

Lightning-fast uppercut towards. The Russian fighter fell from a blow that he did not see

The main opening of July in the UFC Khamzat Chimaev has never fought for more than two rounds.

Murschert rightly called this situation disrespectful from the organization, although White himself does not think so. Gerald’s relationship with Chimayev is already tense to the limit: recently the fighters had a quarrel in Las Vegas, as the Chechen fighter said: “I told him that he talks about me too often, too much. I asked him something like – you like to talk a lot, he answered in the affirmative. Then I called it chicken and promised to smear it, nothing more. ” Merschert reacted sarcastically to his opponent’s behavior: “I don’t know what his problem is, but it’s easy to run over when there are a lot of friends around you. I was accompanied by one guy, and with him was a crowd. It wasn’t cool at all.”

At the final press conference, Merchert and Chimaev again got into a skirmish. The Chechen fighter made fun of the opponent’s fighting record (31-13), comparing him with Artyom Lobov (13-15). Chimaev also expressed doubts about the wrestling skills of Mershert, who has a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu. The American promised to give up his belt and even end his career if Khamzat manages to catch him with a choke hold. In turn, Merschert plans to pick up Chimaev’s trophies if he can knock him down by grabbing both legs.

“McGregor is a dessert for me.” Daring Chimaev is in too much hurry to replace Khabib?

Conor McGregor’s challenge to battle is a great PR move.

Chimaev managed to quarrel with the fighter Kevin Holland: “I just thought he was working in a hotel, a room cleaner. I told him to clean the room, he refused, and I just got angry. ” UFC luminary Donald Cerrone had to calm down aggressive men, condemning such hot temper. Khamzat diligently copies trash-current leaders like Conor McGregor, which begins to annoy many.

The athlete nicknamed Borz too often promises to “smear” everyone, making loud statements almost every day: “If I can beat the next opponent – Dana White, please, I can fight with Maya, Nate Diaz and Nick Diaz on the same evening or at least every week. The simplest money in this division. ”

Chimaev chose the most aggressive strategy for promotion, which partly made the UFC leadership fall in love with him. The other day, he had a long meeting with Dana White, after which he even more enthusiastically began to remind everyone that he had two victorious fights in 10 days. Even though more than 50 days have passed since the last one. And his next rival, the most experienced of all, with whom Khamzat had a chance to fight.

Now many will watch his fights with the hope of seeing Borz’s first defeat. The list of fighters with whom Chimayev “bite” grows every day. Khamzat managed to challenge even the famous McGregor to a duel, who answered him with conditional consent, although he had already officially ended his career. However, this tactic does not add friends to Chimaev. Increasingly, he is being accused of excessive self-confidence and PR.

“Khabib version 2.0”. Chimaev set a record and delighted the UFC stars

Khamzat beat his opponent and won his second victory in 10 days.

Even in their native Chechnya, they are unhappy with the fighter. The founder of the ASA promotion, Mayrbek Khasiev, condemned the behavior of his fellow countryman: “No, Chimaev’s behavior does not suit him. As it is I say. What Chimaev is doing now does not suit me at all. As a fighter he is interesting, but the way he positions himself and behaves, I disagree with that. And so – let him behave as he wants. This is his business. In a week and in two – two fights in the UFC won. The fights were not bad. Forward! But you have to be a little more modest. Whoever it is – Chimaev or Khasiev, it doesn’t matter.”

Of course, Chimaev has the right to behave as he sees fit. It is promoted not only by fighting skills, but also by tough attacks on social media. But the more aggressively Khamzat climbs to the top, the more painful it will be for him to fall from there. He may not wait for support: too many enemies have been acquired. However, Chimaev does not even think about a possible failure: “I am the UFC. And he intends to destroy everyone! I want to take the UFC title. And as soon as possible.”

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