Boston had a tough debriefing. Locker room could not be kept intact

By | 17.09.2020

The Denver Nuggets’ seven-game streak with Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Clippers slowed down the NBA Western Conference playoffs.

Denver made a lot of noise, becoming the first team in the history of the league, which managed to recoup twice from 1-3 in the playoffs, and the Clippers, after being defeated by the Nuggets, are now referred to as “the main losers of sports America.

Peers from the NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball and NFL look to the Clippers as an example that shouldn’t be imitated. This franchise seems to be hopeless.

Denver are about to hold their first meeting with the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA playoffs. Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray will try to cope with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Meanwhile, two final matches have already been held in the East. The Miami Heat are leading 2-0 in the series with the Boston Celtics. Eric Spoelstra’s players took the last game in a beautiful style after a comeback from -17 – 106: 101.

If in the season “Boston” instilled confidence in their abilities, then few people believed in “Miami”. Yes, there is finally a strong team again, which came together through trial, error and correct strategic management decisions. But did anyone seriously see the Hit in the conference finals, where the best regular season team Milwaukee and the reigning champion Toronto will not be there?

The Miami path can be compared to Denver. Only the latter put themselves on the edge of the abyss (or even jump into it), and then miraculously correct the situation. Hit, on the other hand, try to be more pragmatic, trying to take what can be taken here and now. In the 2020 playoffs, they lost only one match out of 10. This is more than a serious indicator. Among other things, Miami easily and naturally dealt with the best team in the regular season, the Milwaukee Bucks, led by the current MVP Yannis Adetokunbo.

Milwaukee once again finished the season ingloriously. It’s time to change Adetokunbo, who is not Michael Jordan at all.

And both of the first matches of the series with the Celtics were not an easy walk. “Hit” actually not only could, but had to lose. But Eric Spoelstra’s team always continued to believe in themselves.

In the second quarter of the second match, Boston took +17. The Celts were really determined to be very determined and clearly did not want to let their opponent go ahead two wins. It is impossible to single out one person. The Greens seemed like a truly united organism.

And again, the third quarter decided everything.

Actually, the spurt after a long break turned the match upside down. “Hit” came to their senses and overwhelmed the opponent. It’s not scary to score 17 points in one game segment. It will be much more difficult if your team conceded 37. And yes, this was the only quarter in the match in which Boston lost to an opponent.

And the King also has a new outstanding achievement in the history of the league and three records of the century together with Anthony Davis. Houston is completely smashed.

“Miami” once again demonstrated sporting anger and character. Jimmy Butler had far from the best match in his life, but no one dares to criticize him, even if he is 4 out of 11 from the game and 14 points and does not look good. He is still the mental leader of the team, and everything happens to him differently.

Definitely the X-factor of the second match was Duncan Robertson, who implemented 6 of 12 long-range attempts. He didn’t attack from the middle at all. What for?

Another cool match was played by Bam Adebayo, who not only made a double-double 21 points + 10 rebounds, but also worked out great in defense. Such moments are difficult to describe in numbers, but it was his safety net and attempts to cover the opponents’ shots that made the Boston players make mistakes.

Passing the Houston is not as easy as it sounds. The king has recruited a completely unsuitable retinue.

The hottest thing started at the end. Jaylen Brown in the last seconds at “-3” had a chance to equalize the score with a free long-range throw. It didn’t work out. The phenomenal 34-year-old Goran Dragic, experiencing his second youth, is gaining 25 points and secures his team for the second victory in the conference final.

Of course, this just pissed off some of the Boston players who couldn’t contain their emotions in the locker room. Marcus Smart shouted so that the journalists gathered in the “bubble” heard these screams almost in the arena. He not only called his partners “complete bullshit”, but also threw objects, continuing the tirade. After that, Marcus went to take a shower, but the screams from the locker room continued to be heard. Hard debriefing at the Celtics is not over yet. Is it panic or an attempt to awaken emotions?

Boston Globe journalist Gary Washburn wrote on his Twitter page that not only Smart was shouting, but various objects were thrown on the floor and at the wall. Gary noted that he had seen many conflicts in the locker rooms, but had never seen such a noisy one.

The partners did not take out dirty linen in public. At a post-match press conference, Kemba Walker, when asked about Smart, simply replied that there was nothing. Enes Kanter claimed that Boston was a real family and pretended nothing had happened. Jason Tatum takes a similar position. But Jaylen Brown, it seems, did not agree on the rhetoric with his teammates and made it clear that the incident did take place.

“We value each other for who we are. Marcus is like that. I love him for that. We must be ready to return with the same fire in our eyes in the third game. This series is far from over. I’m ready for the third game. We will break through the wall. We fight no matter what, ”Brown said.

The judges and surprising luck have already delayed the performance of the Canadians too much this season. This could not last forever.

Miami actually put Boston up against the wall. All is not lost yet, but Brad Stevens’ team needs to do something about mid-match failures. Otherwise, it will put an end to their ambitions. Stevens also needs to do something about the microclimate in the team. In the comments, the situation with Smart was ironed out, but such cases cannot but affect the morale of the players.

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