Zaripov’s second youth! Salavat got under the hot hand of the Ak Bars legend

By | 12.09.2020
The Continental League continues to cancel matches. So, “Barys” sat in quarantine for two weeks, which means that the next five meetings of the Kazakh team will not take place on time. In addition, three Lokomotiv players passed initially positive tests for coronavirus. At the same time, according to the press service of the KHL, shortly before the start of the game against Sochi, the leadership of the Yaroslavl team notified the league about the inclusion of a part of the team in the contact group. In this regard, Lokomotiv refused to play the match with the Southerners. In general, the coronavirus has not yet been defeated. To be honest, this whole situation is getting annoying.

However, the match between Ak Bars and Salavat Yulaev was not prevented by any viruses. The first “green derby” of the current season took place in the capital of Tatarstan. It is a pity that the stands, in accordance with the difficult epidemiological situation, cannot be filled completely, but an impressive part of the fans still managed to get to the game.

In the first period, teams achieved a numerical majority once. First, “Ak Bars” let down Rukavishnikov , as a result of which the Finnish forward of the guests Teemu Hartikainen scored his seventh goal of the season. The Ufa players started overpassing at the front side, then Granlund rolled the puck onto a nickle, where his compatriot rolled and hit the goal. Bilyalov could not help the citizens of Kazan in any way.

The leopards have their own answer. After a two-minute removal of Manninen , the first special brigade of the majority came out and said its weighty word. Everything was played like clockwork. Zaripov gave it to the goal, Petrov threw it to the far post, and Dawes filigree completed the combination. Even such a master as Metsola , who helped out the Ufa residents several times during the first period, did not react. In the whole period, it was an equal struggle.

«Ак Барс» — «Салават Юлаев» – 4:1

Who should decide in such matches? That’s right, team leaders, their main stars. Therefore, the fact that after a scoring pass in the first period Kazan forward Danis Zaripov immediately scored in the second period did not cause the slightest surprise. Giliev did a great job behind other people’s gates, then through a ricochet he threw the puck on top of a penny, where Zaripov hit the target from the “ribbon”. Again, the defenders of the guests did not play in the best way. There is a shortage in “Salavat” of the Dane Philip Larsen , who will never recover.

The second twenty minutes flew by somehow imperceptibly. There were minimum stops, the teams played double-edged hockey, but Ak Bars went to the locker room with an advantage. The Yulaevites had to think about how to equalize the score, while not running into a counterattack. Taking into account the status of the opponent, it is not an easy occupation. But where to go?

In the third period, Zaripov continued to look great at Ak Bars. The defender Pedan actively ran into the attack, sometimes too recklessly exposing the rear. It seemed that the residents of Ufa would be able to take advantage of the given chances, but there was no stopping Zaripov that evening. And, of course, one cannot fail to mention the partner. Galiev literally gnawed the puck in the middle zone, then performed a gorgeous throw-up on the move to a more experienced friend, who jumped out to the goal and gracefully dealt with the goalkeeper. Thus, Zaripov scored a double, and in total he scored three points per game.

This goal finally knocked Salavat off track. Kadeikin and Semyonov got sent off, and Dmitry Kvartalnov decided to take a time-out in order to better position their players during a double majority. And the move of the head coach of the hosts worked! Galiev hit the far corner of the goal with a one-touch throw from the left throw-in circle – the puck went under the trap of Metsola . Zaripov , by the way, took part in this goal as well. It was noticeable that in the third segment of the meeting, the Kazan residents had much more strength.

Kazan calmly finished the match, playing by the score. Dynyak almost realized one-on-one, but the young striker did not take advantage of the transfer of experienced Lukoyanov. The nerves of Hartikainen could not stand it, who out of anger pushed Melon in the back with a club.

In the end, Panin got involved in a small brawl at the gates of Bilyalov , but the judges quickly quieted all troublemakers. 4: 1 – with this score “Ak Bars” won the first “green derby” of the season. The best player of the meeting was the world’s only five-time winner of the Gagarin Cup Danis Zaripov . Legend!

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