The immortal can also be knocked out. Cowboy’s foot hit him right in the nose

By | 21.09.2020
On September 19, Las Vegas will host the UFC Fight Night 178 tournament, which will bring together many excellent athletes. The famous Donald Cerrone and the strong Nico Price will meet in the main duel of the evening. Price is not doing very well; in the past two years, the 30-year-old athlete has carefully alternated victories with defeats. For Cerrone, nicknamed Cowboy, the situation is completely stalemate – the 37-year-old veteran has lost the last four fights. The Russian Umar Nurmagomedov recently said that Cerrone had run out of motivation: “Even from the eyes you can see that he is extinguished, there is no fire and rage.”

The rarest knockout up-kick. The UFC fighter won in an almost hopeless situation. Nico Price may finally retire Donald Cerrone next weekend.

However, Cerrone, despite recent setbacks, has forever inscribed himself in the history of the UFC. The American holds the organization’s records for the number of wins (23) and finishes (16), being a fantastic puncher in his best years. Cowboy never became a champion, but he always fought brightly and a lot, due to which he is still held in the main promotion of the world. Cerrone’s striking technique was a real challenge for his opponents, especially the signature kicks. Matt Brown felt one of these blows.

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On December 10, 2016, Cerrone and Brown met at UFC 206 in Toronto. The cowboy was on a streak of three early victories and hoped to compete for the title soon. Veteran promoter Brown, on the other hand, lost his last two fights and risked being fired. Cerrone, who was in brilliant form, was considered the undisputed favorite. For Brown, nicknamed the Immortal, a solid experience spoke: Matt played under the auspices of the 2008 UFCc. In addition, Brown was considered almost impossible to knock out: before meeting with Cowboy, he only lost by knockout.

Killing leg and 18 more heavy hits to the head. McGregor hurt Cowboy very much. The King is back! Conor looked amazing against a dangerous opponent – Cerrone had never been beaten so quickly. Video.

Brown boldly went ahead at the start, but Cerrone was more accurate in almost every exchange. From time to time, Cowboy also missed punches, at the end of the first round he almost fell for a painful hold. The next five minutes turned out to be more equal, Brown even managed to send his opponent to a mini-knockdown. Cerrone had excellent kicks, which became fatal for Immortal in the third round. At 42 seconds, Brown fell forward after hitting the body, after which Cowboy immediately struck a high-kick. Matt caught the opponent’s leg with his nose, the click from the blow was heard throughout the arena. Cerrone’s rival went to the canvas, after which the fight was immediately stopped – an amazing victory by knockout!

Дональд Серроне нокаутировал Мэтта Брауна

After defeating Brown, Cerrone began a streak of defeats – from Jorge Masvidal, Robbie Lawler and Darren Till. Despite his considerable age, Cowboy managed to gather his strength and began to win regularly again. Now the American is at the lowest point in his career: he has never lost four fights in a row. In the event of an unsuccessful meeting between Donald and Nico Price , we risk never seeing Cerrone in the octagon again.

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