Ranking: Top 10 Drivers of the First Half of the Formula 1 Season

By | 17.09.2020

Ultra-subjective results of the first half of the F1 season.

10. Valtteri Bottas (average score – 7.1; total – 64)

Bottas 3.0 did not work either. Valtteri seems to look good in qualifications, and although he loses to Hamilton 2-7, but little by little (and we are talking, recall, about the rivalry with the record holder in the number of poles), but then hesitant in the fight at the start and inferior in pace over long stretches. After winning the Austrian Grand Prix, Valtteri was able to surpass Hamilton only in the second race at Silverstone, but Bottas also lost the victory there due to unsuccessful tactics. The gap from the leader of the championship is already 55 points – not bad for the “follower”, but rather weak for a contender for the title.

Ranking: 10 worst drivers in the first half of the Formula 1 season

Four-time world champion – on the penultimate line of the rating.

9. Daniil Kvyat (7.2; 65)

The Russian did not start the season too confidently and at times flew out in the first segment (Hungarian Grand Prix and 70th anniversary), while Gasli once in a while ended up in the final at once and scored more points. Over time, Kvyat managed to more or less find a common language with the car, but still can’t reach the Q3. But, perhaps, this is for the best – with a successful strategy, Daniel finished two races in a row with points. We look forward to further growth in confidence in the car, followed by an increase in results.

8. Sergio Perez (7,5; 52,5)

Cheko spends the season stronger than Stroll and brings points literally in every race in which he starts. If it were not for the missing stages at Silverstone, Perez would have had about the same points as his team-mate (according to rumors, due to the fact that Sergio was lower in the standings, he was fired without paying a penalty for early termination of the contract). However, the potential of the car is still not always possible to realize: somewhere he fails himself (Hungarian Grand Prix), and somewhere – strategists (Belgian Grand Prix) and mechanics (Italian Grand Prix).

7. Lando Norris (7,5; 67,5)

For the rising star of English motorsport, the season began with two excellent races in Spielberg, but then a series of failures began at the start – and this along with not the most strong qualifications in the second quarter of the season were one of Landau’s main concerns. Norris, however, does not make mistakes on long stretches and keeps his distance wisely – only in Hungary he did not manage to score points. In the middle of the season, yesterday’s debutant takes fourth place in the overall standings – quite good.

6. Charles Leclair (7.6; 68.5)

Leclair convincingly proves that Ferrari did not bet on him in vain, and this is only his third season in Formula 1. Sometimes mistakes happen (Styrian Grand Prix and Italian Grand Prix), but often, if there is a chance, Charles will use it. He climbed to the podium twice and, by some miracle, remains eighth in the championship, although the car is not always capable of reaching Q3. And in qualifications, the young Monegasque defeats Vettel with a score of 7: 2.

Epic blockage with a battering ram at the restart of the Formula 1 race! And before that there was a powerful crash at the start

Two battle circles – and three major accidents. Thus began the first race in the history of Formula 1 on the Mugello circuit.

5. Daniel Riccardo (7,8; 70)

At the beginning of the season “Renault” could not boast of particularly high speed (and reliability), but as soon as the car added on fast tracks – and Riccardo stopped three times one step from the podium. Claims to the Australian can be presented only for the departure to the Grand Prix of the 70th anniversary. Riccardo is honestly working out the final season with Renault and, we hope, will still get a chance to drag the French car to the podium.

4. Carlos Sainz (7.9; 71)

According to the results of nine races, Carlos Sainz takes only 11th place in the overall standings, but he can be called the most unlucky driver of the peloton (and this is not counting the contract with “Ferrari”). Engineers’ hitch At the Styrian Grand Prix, a burst tire and overheating problems at Silverstone, engine failure before the start at Spa. And, of course, the Italian Grand Prix, after which the Spaniard felt like the main loser. The position in the championship is much more eloquent about Sainz’s form, which is evidenced by his four consecutive victories over Norris in the qualifiers.

In Formula 2, the brightest race and the victory of the Russian again! And Mick Schumacher became the leader

The position in the overall standings is simply incredible – six people in 30 points, two Russians have real chances for the title!

3. Pierre Gasly (8.1; 72.5)

This year Pierre Gasly went down in the history of French motorsport – before that, for a quarter of a century, no one from his country managed to climb to the top of the podium. And this is just a year after the expulsion from the main team “Red Bull”. Gasly was partly lucky with the victory at the Italian Grand Prix, but on the other hand, he fought for it half the distance and never made a mistake, and a week before that he gave an excellent breakthrough in Spa. Gasli is the main opening of the first half of the 2020 season.

2. Max Verstappen (8,4; 76)

In the nine stages of the season, Verstappen finished six times on the podium and retired three times due to technical problems. Max squeezes everything out of the capricious Red Bull car and even more – from time to time he threatens the positions of Mercedes, and at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix they managed to get ahead. Having an equal technique in strength, the Dutchman would have fought with Hamilton much more intensely than Bottas would have. The only problem so far is the car.

“People are more concerned about Hamilton’s shirt than the reason he wears it”

After the powerful Tuscany Grand Prix, journalists discuss Hamilton’s controversial shirt, Ferrari’s failure and Kvyat’s confident race.

1. Lewis Hamilton (8.6; 77.5)

There are fewer doubts every day that the 2020 season will bring the Briton the seventh championship. For the entire season, Lewis gave only two misfires: turned Albon in the first race and lost in pace to Verstappen and Bottas at the 70th Grand Prix. Driving into the pits under prohibitive signals in Monza is not considered, it is the team’s responsibility to keep track of such things, but in all other races he won and now leads the championship with a clear advantage.

Out of competition: Nico Hulkenberg (9.0; 9)

Nico Hulkenberg had a truly outstanding 70th Grand Prix – after just three days of training in driving the car, he won the third place in the qualification and almost came in fifth (the set of tires was not enough). For the uncontrolled pilot, this was the best way to remind himself of the paddock – and in it now there are rumors about the arrival of the Hulk in Alfa Romeo or Haas.

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